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FOC Picks For 11/12/23

Hello All! It's a relatively slow week for FOC; here are a few picks to keep in mind.

FOC Cover Buys


There is always one cover featuring Santa that goes bonkers every year. Last year, it was Bermejo's Joker cover. Although I don't believe this cover is as strong as that one, Li did a pretty good job here. I will keep a couple of extra copies for my collection.

Batman And Robin #4

A fun little homage by Otto Schmidt.

Green Lantern #6

We have Jeff Spokes Green Lantern #49 Homage, continuing the Christmas theme.

The Amazing Spider-Man #40

Marvel is currently releasing "Chalet" Variants, which I find lackluster. However, J.S Campbell's variant stands out and is available for open order with both trade dress and a 1:100 virgin variant. Although this release trend is becoming more common, I find it slightly bothersome as it tends to decrease the value of both covers.

Spec Picks

Star Wars: The High Republic #2

First cover appearance, Brother Lycos. Collecting the first appearances or cover appearances of characters in the Star Wars Univers is always a good idea. Although the excitement has decreased somewhat in the past year, these items usually experience a short-term surge in value and remain valuable for the long term. With the upcoming release of The Acolyte, I am purchasing any High Republic keys I can find.


See above. Solicitation states new characters will be introduced.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #39

1st full appearance of the Acquisitor

Again, see above.

Batman #428

This book is significant as it was released after DC ran a promo for fans to vote on whether or not Jason Todd got killed off as Robin. The fans ultimately voted for Robin to be killed off, but an alternate ending was created in which Robin survives, and it's included in this issue.

I love that DC is doing this. Jason Todd is one of my favorite characters (Tim is by far my favorite Robin, though), and I am curious whether this could lead to other Elseworld stories.


Wesley Dodds: Sandman #3

The first full appearance of The Fog

I am enjoying this series so far. It seems like The Fog" could become an essential character in the story, so it's worth getting a copy or two. The series doesn't appear to have a massive print run, but it has the potential to develop a solid following, so these early keys may be sound long-term holds.

Spider-Boy #2

Possible first appearance of villain "Toy Soldier"

Villian spec isn't always the best, but Spider-Boy is hot right now, and I'm willing to take my chance picking up a copy of this and holding it. Fans love him, and Marvel seems to be pushing him.

Skybound Reprints Everything

Literally. Everything.

Transformers, Void Rivals Etc. There are a lot of cool covers and variants. I'm not entirely sold on this whole reprint-collecting market, but if it's your thing, there's about a kajillion.

Well, folks, that's it for the week. Nothing too earth-shattering this week. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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