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Marvel Comics will celebrate Free Comic Book Day this year with three separate free one-shots, each offering readers new and old an exciting entry point into some of Marvel's biggest upcoming stories and characters! Announced last week, Spider-Man is gearing up for a brand-new era just in time for the character's 60th anniversary! Fans who pick up FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: SPIDER-MAN/VENOM #1 will see the very beginning of the major storylines that Zeb Wells, John Romita, Jr. and Scott Hanna have planned for their run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, with "Lost in the Mail." This issue will also give fans a chance to check VENOM out in "Seven Seals" by Al Ewing, Ram V and Stefano Raffaele. Plus a bonus ALL-OUT AVENGERS story by Derek Landy, Greg Land and Jay Leisten.

Spiderman Venom FCBD 2022


Zeb Wells, Al Ewing, Ram V and Derek Landy


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