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"Hidden Aces" The story is split into two separate sequences: The Joes and Oktober Guard escaping from Darklon's forces, while Snake-Eyes continues his rescue mission of George Strawhacker (still unaware it's a trap set up by The Jugglers). Characters: Oktober Guard [Lt. Daina; Dragonsky; Sgt. Zubakov; Lt. Gorky]; G.I. Joe [Snake-Eyes; Wild Bill; Roadblock (injured); Hot Seat]; Iron Grenadiers [Darklon; Iron Grenadier troopers; Razorback drivers; D.E.M.O.N. drivers; AGP pilots]; George Strawhacker. Note: Continuing the story started in issue 101 (Joes and Oktober Guard vs Darklon), as well as last issue (Snake-Eyes rescue mission). 

G.I Joe #105 (1982)


Larry Hama


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