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Beat Me in St. Louis" Stage 5 of the Terminus Factor storyline. Guest-starring Machine Man.

 Story continues from Avengers West Coast Annual 5. The time is now! The final showdown vs. Terminus to save the planet Earth! The ultimate Terminus flies to St. Louis, Missouri to absorb the energy of the entire world! However, Earth's Mightiest Heroes from the east coast, west coast, and great lakes rush to the Gateway to the West to stop the gigantic alien! Led by Captain America, Henry Pym, and the Vision; the Avengers try everything to defeat the powerful giant! But nothing works! The only hope for victory lies with the Asgardian avenger in the depths of outer space! Can the Mighty Thor topple Terminus with just the power of prayer? 

Avengers Annual #19 (1963)


Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas.


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