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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Christian shows a group of jailed ladies the error of their ways. Then Christian takes on the task of bodyguard to the mentally retarded pop star, Jelly Baxter. Loyalty (Chrysalis part 3), script by Rob Liefeld, Garrett Omat, and Robert Napton, pencils by Sam Liu, inks by Lary Stucker; Prudence and Marcus begin an assault on the Quiet Palace; Preacher John talks to Jonah about infiltrating the Quiet Palace to finish the job that Margaret, Jonah's lover, began. Beanworld - chapter five, script and art by Larry Marder. Untitled Battlestar Galactica story part 1 of 3, script by Chris Scalf and Robert Napton, art by Chris Scalf; Yahren 7350. A colonial craft is disabled by Cylons, but then rescued by mysterious orbs of light, the Seraphs; On the planet Arilos, a young boy named Adama finds an old Cylon head and meets a crazy man.

Asylum #4 (1995)


Rob Liefeld


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