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FOC Picks For 11/26/23

Now that the Thanksgiving celebrations are over and the effects of the turkey hangover have worn off, comic book enthusiasts must gear up for the upcoming Final Order Cutoff (FOC). Although I was hoping for a peaceful holiday weekend, this week's FOC has some intriguing titles worth speculating on.

Cover Buys

Titans #6 CVR C David Talaski & Harley Quinn #35 CVR C Jon Sommariva

If you have read the last couple of FOCs, I am pretty big on DC's Christmas variants. While this week's offering isn't as strong, these two stood out. While these won't jump out of the gate in value like last year's Bermejo Joker Christmas cover, these may do well down the line.

Animal Pound #1 Reveal CVR G (Skottie Young)

If you haven't started collecting Skottie Young variants yet, you really should. His covers are always popular and will hold their value or even increase in the future. As for the story, I appreciate new interpretations of Orwell's Animal Farm, but Xavier Dorison recently did it in his acclaimed work Animal Castle. Although I don't expect Animal Pound to generate the same excitement as Animal Castle, given the original intellectual property, there's always the potential for it to be picked up and explode in the secondary market. At the very least, you'll have a Skottie Young variant to add to your collection.

Resurrection of Magneto #1 John Tyler Christopher

While the negative space variants have been overdone, JTC's Magneto cover stands out. Like his Thanos cover for Silver Surfer Legacy #1, it will be sought after.

Miles Morales #15 Ken Lashley Wolverine Variant

This homage has been done numerous times, but it's still a great cover.

Kneel Before Zod #1 CVR D Ariel Colon Foil Variant

I think fondly of the '90s; perhaps it's why I love foil covers. I think this series could be a massive hit if done correctly, and this is the cover I will stash.

Rise of the Powers of X #1 Skottie Young Connecting Variant

Interesting that this is a connecting with the Fall of the House of X #1. Will there be more? I hope so. If there are 1-2 more connecting covers, this could be a great bundle to sell as a set.

Avengers: Twighlight #1 Skottie Young Variant

The solicitation on this book sounds interesting, and there are many great covers to choose from. I will always hedge my bets on #1 issues if there is a Skottie Young variant.

Spec Picks

Avengers: Twighlight #1

The print run on this book will be huge; the number of variants alone is mind-blowing. However, the premise is very intriguing, and multiple new characters and teams are introduced, such as the first appearance of James Stark, the son of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). It also introduces Kyle Jarvis, the brother of the Avengers butler, who serves as CEO of Stark Industries. Then we have two new teams - The Defenders and the Iron Cops. With so many great covers, I'd grab a Cover A, and as I said above, grab yourself a Skottie Young variant.

Star Wars #42

The first cover appearance of the unnamed Sith, who initially appeared in issue #35. I don't expect this book to be as hot out the gates since #35 also had the first appearance of Dr. Quata and was a surprise first-appearance book. It's always smart to stash any Star Wars first appearances with Disney+ and Lucasfilms churning out Star Wars EU.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Ryan Stegman Variant

Spider-Man's popularity in the comics is undeniable, and the prospect of this series bringing attention back to the Ultimate Universe is intriguing. So far, I am digging what they are doing with the new ultimate universe. However, it's essential to approach the release with a discerning eye. Given the likelihood of high orders and a high ratio selection, this isn't doing much in the short term. But considering the backlash for the "One More Day" storyline this Stegman cover may stand-out in the long run.

Duke #1 Cover A

Like all the Spec picks this week, this book will be heavily ordered and will have multiple printings if it follows suit with the Image/Skybounds release strategy of the Energon universe. Considering the excitement and the execution (so far) of this new universe, I think it is a smart play to stash a couple of these. There's a first appearance of the Baroness in the universe to give this title a little extra oomph.

That's it for this week, folks. There are some interesting selections and a stacked line-up of marquee titles, but all these books are strong holds, in my opinion.

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